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If you've never booked an escort in the past but you're thinking about it now, then you may be wondering quite what to expect from an escort. Well, that might rather depend on what you want! There are many types of escort service. In the main though, these are made up of stunning looking women who offer what might be termed 'straight-forward' sex. Apart from female escorts there are also gay male escorts, bisexual escorts, straight male escorts… in fact every variety of sexual orientation is covered by the escort service.

So if you are a straight guy looking to book a straight female escort what can you expect? The first thing to think about is where to find your escort. There are two principle types. Agency escort and independent escorts. The first, as the name suggests, offer their services through an escort agency. Booking is usually easy, you just call up the escort agency or sometimes you have the option to email them or maybe even use Live Chat services. Independent escorts are ladies who work on their own. They will probably have a website, but you're most likely to find them advertising on escort directories. Whether they have a website or not, you will most likely give them a call directly or send an email and they will make arrangements to meet you.

There are thousands of escorts in the UK. You'll find both escort agencies and independent escorts abound in the major cities, but no matter where you live or where you happen to be located it's almost certain you'll be able to find an escort. Many escorts make what are known as 'outcalls'. This means the escort comes to visit you at your home or hotel. They are often prepared to travel a considerable distance, given that you give them enough notice and if it is going to be a lengthy journey they usually want you to book for a minimum amount of time. This will apply whether the lady is an independent escort or an agency escort.

When it comes to the large cities however, you can usually find what are known as 'incall' escorts. This means you visit the escort at her apartment, which is often centrally located. Incall escorts may be agency escorts or independent escorts. Sometimes, depending on the location, you can book an incall for as little as 30 minutes rather than the standard 1 hour minimum booking. But let's be honest, who wants just 30 minutes with a gorgeous sexy woman? These fees can be misleading, as the offer of a cheap meeting for just 30 minutes is usually used to entice you and it's pretty much certain you'll end up paying for an hour! If you've never spent time with an escort before, we'd suggest you go for 90 minutes – most will offer this option – or even 2 hours as you don't want to rush your 'first time'!

Some people think that escorting is illegal in the UK. It's not. Though escort agencies walk a very fine line. You will find that most agencies have a disclaimer on their website that says something along the lines of 'our escorts are booked for companionship only'. This, they hope, keeps them on the right side of the law. Escorts agencies are generally operated by friendly staff who will be happy to tell you more about any lady on their gallery. They do have to be careful what they say, so although they will chat to you about a girl's personality, they are unlikely to enter into a conversation about sexual services. If the escorts have a written profile you may be able to gather something about the services on offer from that, or from reviews that previous clients have left. Independent escorts don't have to worry about the same restrictions and their websites can be very explicit about the sexual services they offer or they will happily chat to you about what they are willing to offer.

First Time Booking An Escort? Don't Worry!

As you would expect escorts are very friendly girls. Like all people though they can have their off days! It would be pretty unfortunate if you were to find your escort anything less than friendly though. The vast majority are used to dealing with first time or nervous clients and you'll find they have a talent for putting you at ease. It's natural to be a bit nervous when meeting an escort for the first time. A little nervous anticipation isn't a bad thing though and will surely just enhance the meeting!

In comparison to street prostitutes, escorts are generally happy in their work. They make a good income and that in turn allows them to live a good lifestyle. These kinds of escorts are generally a safe bet if you want to have a whole lot of fun. Quite simply they wouldn’t be in business if they weren't able to deliver a fantastic experience for their clients.

When meeting an escort for the first time, just let her manage the meeting. She will take the lead role, and you'll soon find that you've forgotten your nerves and feel that you've know this woman forever. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Escorts are used to that. If you ask her to do something she's not comfortable doing, she'll tell you so. Respect her for that. The better you treat your escort the more she'll reward you! And there's no doubt that your escort will know just what to do to make sure that you have a fantastic time! If you do have a really poor experience with an agency escort, then let the escort agency know. They will usually try and offer some kind of compensation – maybe a meeting with another escort at a time to suit you. However, escort agency owners are savvy people. Don't try and pull the wool over their eyes to get a freebie!

Independent escort tend to offer a wider range of services and many that are not so mainstream. When booking an independent escort you will usually speak to the lady herself, although on some occasions her phone might be answered by a friend if she is busy. The advantage of speaking directly to the escort is that if you want something specific you can ask her if she is willing to provide it.

For those booking an escort for the very first time we would always suggest you start by using the services of a good escort agency. How can you tell if an escort agency is good? Well don't just rely on them being number one of Google! That has nothing to do with how good they are at customer service nor how good their escorts are. Read reviews, have a good look around their site, and you can also Google the agency and see what other reviews are out there. If you don't want to spend the time doing that, just give one a call and judge by how they deal with you on the telephone. Booking an escort should be a fun experience from start to finish!